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I really liked the Shark Vertex. It has a ton of power and with the Duoclean roller is has a very good pickup on hard floors and carpet. After you take into account all the other bells and whistles I think it’s safe to say there is a new king of upright vacuums in town.

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Welcome to vacuum wars and to our review of shark’s latest upright vacuum, the vertex powered lift away, which they claim is their most powerful vacuum. Yet I had a lot of fun testing this over the past week and this video will show the results of all those tests and be our review so links in the description and let’s get started. The shark vertex is the new top of the line premium.

Upright vacuum from shark and it seems to be an upgrade from their previous flagship vacuum, the apex the vertex is about the same weight as the apex, but it has a bigger dustbin, a wider cleaning path and, as we’ll see later, it has more power, which is Saying something because the apex was already super powerful, like the apex, the vertex is a powered, lift away, meaning that you can lift away the pod for powered or motorized cleaning under furniture, or you could just use it.

In its handheld configuration for above-floor cleaning, the vertex also has shark’s anti-allergen complete seal system with hepa filtration, meaning that it keeps all the dust and microscopic stuff in the vacuum. Instead of blowing it back out into your air, which is something that you typically only find with premium vacuums and is kind of a must-have feature. In my opinion, it has a bright bank of led lights on the floor head.

It has a long 30 foot cord, a five and a half foot hose and all the power buttons and suction adjustment switches right at your fingertips on the handle, but the reason I had so much fun testing the vertex this week comes down to three key features. Its power, its pickup ability and its hair tangle resistance. As far as power goes, I tested its suction and its airflow on various places on the vacuum and was incredibly impressed.

For example, not only did it have higher suction numbers than all the previous sharks. I’ve tested, including the apex but its airflow, which I consider to be as much or more important than suction, was off the charts as well all that to say that It’s really powerful. In fact, It’s one of the most powerful vacuums, I’ve ever tested period, all that power showed up in things like the crevice pickup test, where it picked up all the debris effortlessly in the first forward, pass, which is pretty rare.

Many vacuums can’t do that after multiple passes, if at all, in fact, it made me think that I need to redesign this test with deeper crevices or heavier debris, or both to make it harder for vacuums as powerful as the vertex you’ll also notice. All that suction power, when using the handheld attachments like the new anti-tangle power brush, which did really good at resisting hair tangles in the limited tests that I did with it.

The main thing you want a vacuum to do, though, is pick stuff up off of carpet and hard floors, and the shark vertex is really really good at doing that, it has shark’s duo clean floor head, which regular viewers will know. I absolutely love. Basically, duoclean systems have a soft roller up front and a more or less regular brush roll in back, which makes it incredibly good for hard floors, but also the large brush roll is optimized for carpet. So It’s basically like having two vacuums in one. Most vacuums are unable to pick up very large debris.

It’s just expected that you’ll use the hose for debris over a certain size, but quite seriously there is nothing like a duo clean when it comes to vacuuming medium to large debris. I often say to touch: it is to vacuum it with duo cleans and It’s not just about large debris either. It’s also uniquely good for the other end of the spectrum. That is fine debris where it not only picks up the material really good, but it leaves the floors with a Polished look which is great for like dusty houses.

The third feature that blew me away this week was its anti-hair wrap brush systems. Now I’ve been testing these anti-wrap heads from sharks since they came out and I’m pretty familiar with how they work and their limitations. But the vertex appears to have a newly designed anti-hair wrap system which is even better than the previous ones. But I can’t tell you exactly how it works, because it doesn’t have a way to open the head, like the others do, but I can tell you that, at least in part, the new so-called power fins brushroll helps it to resist hair tangles.

In any case, I tested it with the usual 1 gram of 7 inch and 1 gram of 14 inch hair with no tangles, which is incredibly good, but the apex 0m, which was the previous best at this test, could also do one gram of 14 inch hair. But it would have a minimal amount, like 14 of that one gram caught in its brush, but since the new vertex was able to do that test perfectly, I upped it to an unprecedented 2 grams of 14 inch hair, which no previous vacuum I’ve tested could even Come close to doing and, to my surprise, there were no tangles other than a little bit caught in its wheel.

I plan on doing an in-depth test on the shark vertex’s limitations in this regard soon, but in the meantime I can say that It’s the best anti-hair wrap test I’ve personally ever seen as far as things I didn’t like It’s the same kind of things. I’ve always said about powered, lift away, duo cleans, namely that especially on carpet. You don’t want to use the powered lift away mode very long, because without the weight of the pod on it, it kind of runs away from you and can be oddly tiring on your arm. So I usually just keep the pod attached like a regular vacuum.

So I can have that weight pressing down on it, unless I need to use the power to lift away mode for getting under something. I also think that shark needs to do more to explain to people that they need to regularly clean behind these soft rollers. On the front which easily pop out so you can clean them, because if you don’t after a few weeks of use, it will start to shut off unless you clear out the debris that inevitably gets stuck behind there.

Also, while I love the power fans for their anti-hair wrap qualities, I didn’t notice them being particularly good for deep cleaning carpet. Don’t get me wrong, It’s pretty good for getting that deep down, embedded dirt and carpet, but I guess I was expecting more agitation with all the hype surrounding the idea of power fins. So the shark vertex is a good upgrade from the apex with more power and an upgraded anti-hair wrap system.

It’s one of the best vacuums on the planet for picking up debris, on the surfaces of hard floors and carpet, but It’s particularly a no-brainer. If you have a lot of hard floors, also just for the sake of transparency, while I bought this vacuum myself with my own money – and this was not a sponsored review – I have done some work with shark in the past. But as always, these are my honest opinions and none of that affected this review in any way.

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