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Our review of the Ecovacs T8 AIVI:

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Hey everybody welcome to vacuum wars and to our review of the brand new echovax, auto empty station, which is compatible with the echovax t8 family of robot vacuums like the t8 osmo aivi. I put it through some tests in the studio and in the real world, and this video will be my review so links in the description and let’s get started for those of you that didn’t see our review of the robot by itself. I will offer a quick refresher before I get to the auto empty bin.

The echovax t8aivi is a seriously good robot vacuum. It has more power than just about any robot vacuum on the market. It did amazing, with all the tests like the carpet deep, clean test and all the pickup tests, It’s incredible with navigation with its lidar sensor. It has all the app features that I consider must-haves on premium robot vacuums like no-go lines and multi-floor mapping. It has one of the best battery life numbers in the industry and add to that. The t8ai vi has a front-mounted camera connected to artificial intelligence software, which helps the robot to see where It’s going and to recognize and avoid obstacles that cause other robot vacuums to get stuck like cords.

You can see our full review, which I’ll link below, but the bottom line is that the t8 aivi robot vacuum is amazing, in my opinion, and It’s the robot vacuum that my wife and I have been using in our home since it came out. In my mind, the only thing that the t8 was lacking was an auto empty bin system. These auto empty bins are really cool and really helpful. In my opinion, and while there are only a handful of them out there right now, I expect that they will become more common among premium robot vacuums very soon.

The idea is that, after the robot finishes its job, it returns to the base to recharge and that triggers the auto empty bin system, which has a motor inside which sucks up the contents of the robot’s dust bin into, in this case, a disposable bag. That echovac says, will last 30 days, assuming you vacuum. Every day the echovax auto empty station is sold separately. It comes with a special dust band for the robot vacuum, which has two little doors on the bottom and a tool which is used to remove two small plates on the bottom of your t8 robot after the new bin is installed.

It’s ready to go one of the reasons I love the auto empty systems is that it starts to feel like there really is a robot helper in your house, because you don’t have to pay attention to what It’s doing for days at a time, and I really Think that, in combination with the A.I. features on the aivi, which makes it very rare for it to get stuck, It’s really a pleasant experience in the test. Though a few important things came up that you should be aware of. First, I tested its ability to clear different types and sizes of debris from the dust bin and found that, like the other two major brands of auto empty systems out there, it struggled when the bin was too full.

For example, in a real world test, which I ran in our house, where we have two cats and had been on vacation for a week and a half, it failed to clear the dustbin because the dustbin was too full of cat hair. I ran it a few days later in which it had much less hair in the bin, and that time it cleared the bin with no problems. I ran it one more time with a similar amount of hair in the bin, and again it cleared it with no issues.

I asked echovax about this and they confirmed that with pet hair, especially if the dustbin is too full. It will have difficulty clearing it and recommended setting the cleaning schedule in the app so that the robot vacuums more times each week to avoid such full bins of hair. So I think, that’s an acceptable solution, but I would like to see an update in the future which causes it to automatically go back to the bin and empty it if it senses It’s getting too full and then resuming its cleaning job.

I also wanted to mention that, while in the test I found that the other auto empty bins from other manufacturers had the same limitation with full bins of hair, I felt that they were slightly better at this. It’s something to watch for in the reviews, but I think It’s manageable with, as I said, making sure you vacuum more days a week. If you have a major pet hair issue for most people, though, without pets, they should be fine, since, in all the tests, fine debris like you would find in most households was cleared with no issues. I wanted to touch briefly on the disposable bags. This is the method that irobot uses while shark uses a bagless system.

The obvious downside to the bags is that you have to buy more of them and at the current prices and recommendations, if you actually vacuumed every day, then you would go through about one bag. A month which would mean about twenty dollars every three months, so It’s something to consider the upside to the bags. Is that they’re really good with filtration? So you don’t have to buy filters for the bin and It’s a much cleaner way to dispose of the debris.

All in all, I love my t8 A.I. vi, robot vacuum, and will continue to use it in my house until something better comes along, but now with the addition of the auto empty bin. I think it just got a lot better and I expect to feel like I have a robot helper in my house who does the floors if it doesn’t feel like that, though – and I end up having to tend to it – often I’ll – let you know in a Future update so be sure to subscribe to vacuum wars before you go link’s in the description and thanks for watching.

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