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I designed an all-new set of tests to find the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair using the best vacuum cleaners for this purpose I know of. This video will show the results!

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Hey everybody welcome to vacuum wars. Today, I’m going to try to figure out which is the best vacuum for pet hair over the years. I’ve done a lot of tests and videos on this issue, but for this 2020 update, I wanted to design a whole new set of tests using the best vacuums I know, of for pet hair I’ll. Take a look at things like their ability to pick up pet hair on carpet and hard floors, their ability to resist tangles with pet hair and human hair of various lengths and I’ll finish up by making some other recommendations based on things.

That might be important for pet owners like their bin size, filtration systems, weight and price. The first thing I did is thin the herd a little bit. I whittled the main contenders down to just seven vacuums. I did this on the basis of previous hair tangle tests. I’ve done basically most vacuums, I’ve tested in the past and really most vacuums since they’ve been invented. Don’T do great with hair over about seven inches. It’s just a fact of vacuum: cleaner brush, rollers, they just get tangled with hair, but lately there have been a few innovations in the vacuum world that have tried to solve this problem from companies like bissell, shark and dyson, which use various methods to reduce and even come very close to eliminating pet hair tangles completely.

For example, bissell uses a unique wide brush design to reduce tangles shark actually has a few different methods to do this, such as the standard so-called 0m technology, which has little combs on the top of the housing that actively remove the hair as it gets tangled like On this navigator 0m, I also included the apex 0m in this test to see if the duoclean roller in the front changes anything as well as the brand new shark vertex, which has a redesigned version of the anti-hair wrap technology as well as a duoclean roller.

I included the new dyson v11 outsized, cordless vacuum in this final seven, as well, because of dyson’s innovative anti-hair wrap brush design, which works amazingly well, which is probably why It’s been copied so much, but they do only include this in their cordless vacuum. So, even though this test was supposed to be just about uprights, I thought I would include the dyson v11 here as well. Finally, I added two older style vacuums, the shark rotator trupet and the dyson multi-floor 2. I included these more for control purposes than anything else.

Neither of these vacuums make any anti-hair wrap claims, but they both tend to show up, in other lists of best vacuums for pet hair. The first test was carpet: surface pickup and anti-hair wrap with pet hair. I used hair that averaged about two and a half to three inches in length. I used exactly two grams of it and tried to evenly spread it out and mash it down with a roller in an attempt to get those difficult to pick up, embedded single, fibers and carpet. And then I vacuumed for one minute, each with a three inch pet hair. They all passed mostly because the hair was too short to be caught in any of these rollers.

The rotator, though, did get some caught in its bristles, but not a lot and in terms of clean pickup on carpet, remembering that these are all the best of the best. It wasn’t surprising that they all seemed to have enough power and enough agitation to pick up. Even those embedded single fibers on carpet in one back and forth pass the only negative note here was the bissell pet hair, eraser turbo, which has a significant blind spot due to the placement of the belt, which made more passes necessary. The next round was a little bit harder.

One gram of seven inch human hair. This time also evenly spread out and rolled into the carpet. Here I started to see a little bit of tangling with the dyson multi-floor and the shark rotator, but less than say, 5 or so, which is within the margin of error and not really worth disqualifying either of them yet so on to the next round. In the next round, I doubled the length to 1 gram of 14 inch hair and indeed the older style vacuums with the standard brushes bit.

The dust 78 was caught in the shark rotator, true pet and 56 on the dyson multi-floor ii, and even the bissell was eliminated here with around 26 caught in its roller. The next round was double the amount, but the same 14 inch length in an attempt to overload the rollers, and this finally did it for the v11 cordless, but it was still pretty good with only 17 caught in the roller. So the final three were the three shark zero m models and I increased the length of hair to 18 inches and went straight to two grams, each by far the hardest hair tangle test, I’ve ever done and the two duo cleans were able to do it with no hair caught in the roller in the first test, the navigator 0m was interesting. It would have failed.

This 2 gram 18 inch test if I gave it the normal one minute to run, but once I noticed that it was going to fail anyway, I thought I would see what would happen if I let it run for another minute or so. Basically, I wanted to see if the little combs I mentioned earlier would comb off the hair even 2 grams of 18 inch hair. If I gave it a little more time and it really did – and it was kind of fun to watch too moving on to the hard floor, pickup tests and generally I was fairly impressed because, as you can see, this is a ridiculous amount of hair, and I was sure that some of these vacuums would not be able to pick it up, not just the larger clumps either, but the fine strands laying on the floor.

But again, all seven of these are powerful, well-designed vacuums and they all did better than the average cheapo vacuum at this test. Some were better than others, though the dyson multi-floor and the shark did good, but not great. The only real negative here was the bissell whose exhaust was kind of pointed at the floor and blew the hair around which sort of defeated the purpose, but the real winners here are the shark apex and the vertex that is, the sharks with duo clean. that’s the soft front roller, which is really in its element with hard floor pickup, just to show you how crazy this is check out the shark vertex with duoclean versus the shark navigator with a standard head, so the apex and the vertex won this round.

Despite all of them being honestly better than I expected filtration is a major concern for pet owners because of pet dander. If you have a cheap vacuum, you’re, basically just stirring up pet dander, you need a vacuum with a good seal and a hepa filter to keep that from happening and because all seven of these vacuums are premium vacuums, they all have pretty good hepa filtration system.

So There’s no real difference there. I found that most of the bins were easy to empty without too much digging of the hair out manually, though the shark vacuums typically required opening two different sides of the bin to get all the hair out. Ironically, the cordless dyson v11 outsize had the biggest bin capacity, I’m going to combine things like weight and maneuverability into one category, just called ease of use. You would think that the cordless would be the easiest to use, but, in my opinion, it’s actually one of the most difficult to use because of all the weight on your arm, especially if you have a large area to vacuum.

I actually like the smaller shark navigator. The best in the ease of use category as It’s the lightest of all the uprights, and it has the same basic construction as the standard navigator, that made shark a household name in part because of its maneuverability and weight in terms of price here, is the order From cheapest to most expensive and There’s a pretty major gap between them, okay, so with all that in mind, here are my recommendations.

I like the shark navigator 0m for value, especially if you have mostly carpets in your home. I was worried that it wouldn’t do that. Good on hard floors, but it did better than most of them, actually It’s cheap and it can handle pet and human hair better than almost anything out there, especially if you give it a little time to work for a more premium price. I recommend the apex or the new vertex, the vertex has more power and a few more bells and whistles.

You can see my review on both, but I like these, especially if you have mostly hard floors. Those duo, clean rollers are great for cat litter and other tiny heavy bits that other vacuums just can’t handle. One important note is that you must, I repeat, must periodically clean behind those little soft rollers, as material will build up there. If you don’t and it will cause the vacuum not to start until It’s cleared, these others are really good, buys too they’re all premium vacuums.

I will link all seven in the description. A quick note is that I bought all these vacuums with my own money. This was not a sponsored review in any way, but I have done some consulting work with shark in the past. It didn’t affect this test in any way, but I feel it is worth mentioning be sure to subscribe to vacuum. Mores before you leave and thanks for watching

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